1. HEALTH PROJECT. Get my health back, win against Leaky Gut Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Fibromyalgia through healthy diet full of probiotics, aminoacids but without carbs and caffeine. First deadline: Show some progress in 10 days and be energetic on Jan 5th 2015 for my PhD thesis defence meeting. (first posted on December 23rd, 2014) Updated on Jan 4th, 2015: Deadline added: April 1st, 2015.

2. IDEAL WEIGHT (105lbs) PROJECT. Be 100 105lbs & size 4 again, which is my ideal size since I am 5’3” (160cm) and that is tiny :))) My deadline to reach that is end of January 2015. However, I will not do a speed diet or anything. I just keep on what I eat and walk everyday. The goal does not end here of course, keeping that size throughout the year is the real deal. Daily exercise included 🙂 (first posted on December 23rd, 2014)

Modified on Jan 2nd, 2015 as I do not want to be unhealthily thin, I checked the BMI of my target 100lbs. It looks that it is underweight and not that healthy. According to my BMI, I should not be under 7st6lbs so I chose 7st7lbs which is 105lbs or 47.5kgs 🙂 Therefore, goal modified! 105lbs it is 🙂 I don’t think that it would change size. Well we will see…

I have 1 month to reach my goal!

Haha! Deadline changed again 🙂 14th Feb it is. Now I am 123 lbs. (Updated on 19th Jan 2015) If I can reach this goal, I will give myself a Valentine’s day gift: A box full of chocolates 🙂

3. GRADUATE PHD THESIS PROJECT. Finish PhD thesis and graduate in June 2015. This is the big goal. First I have to pass my 3rd defence on 5th Jan 2015. I am absolutely not prepared. So I have to work a loooooot this week. I have to do so many things. Panic panic panic !!! (first posted on December 23rd, 2014) Updated on Jan 3rd, 2015, as I learned I have more time 3 more semesters to graduate, so I decided not to panic myself, I changed it to PhD thesis project as I want to finish the data collection & analysis & writing the first draft by the end of the year. Deadline Dec 31st, 2015.

4. WATCH IMDB 250 MOVIES PROJECT: Watch at least 100 “must watch” movies. When I looked at IMDB top 250 I realized I haven’t seen half of the list. What a shame! I do not watch TV so I have time for movies. While I am watching from the list, I will add my own little critiques about them and the rest I had watched earlier. (first posted on December 24th, 2014) Updated on Jan 4th, 2015: Deadline added Jan 31st, 2015)

(Achieved Jan 21st, 2015 before the deadline 🙂, officially closed February 5th with scores updated)

5. BOOK JOURNAL PROJECT: Read 200 books in a year. I really am a fast reader and I will keep a journal too. (first posted on December 24th, 2014) Updated on Jan 3rd, 2015, 200 is too many 🙂 let’s make it 100 🙂

6. BUSINESS PROJECT. Found my own business: I refused 5 job offers in the last 6 months since I have lost my job. I really do not want to work for anyone anymore. I will found my own home-office small business and try to reach a financial goal (to be set later) at the end of year 2015. (first posted on December 24th, 2014) Updated on Jan 4th, 2015: Deadline added Jan 31st, 2015 to found the business.

 7. WRITE A BOOK PROJECT: Write a book, publish and donate ALL the profit 4 a good cause: I will write a book and try to publish it online, donate all the profit for an independent project related with the issues in the book. I give myself 3 months for this. So at the end of March, I would make the first profit donation. (first posted on 01.01.2015) Updated on Jan 4th, 2015: Deadline added March 31st, 2015 finish writing, June 30th, 2015 publish)

 8. GET RID OF IT PROJECT: Giving up, giving away, letting go of unuseful stuff from my life:

  • Giving up on the activities I used to like but I really do not have energy/time/motivation to do anymore. Once I love them, now I do not have time to love them. So, I will just stop setting goals and failing about them 🙂 Relieved already.
  • Giving away the clothes I haven’t worn for more than a year, and the things that are not useful to me any more. They make a crowded feeling around me. So better get rid of them 🙂
  • Letting go of the people who drain my energy, who I do not contact anymore, clearing phonebook & facebook “so called” friends.

I give myself 1 month to do it. End of January 2015 is my deadline (first posted on Jan 2nd, 2015)

 9. INSPIRE 100 PEOPLE PROJECT: Inspire at least 100 people to start their own projects within 2015. Help them, coach them through their journeys and follow their progress. Deadline: Dec 31st, 2015 (first posted on Jan 3rd, 2015)

 10. ALEX’s LAZY RECIPES PROJECT: At the end of the year, I will develop 5 original recipes in the areas of:

  • Breakfast ideas
  • Red meat (Lamb/Beef) + veggies + sauces
  • Poultry meat + veggies + sauces
  • Bone broth soups
  • Green salad & veggie sauces
  • Snacks + snack sauces
  • Desserts + desert sauces
  • Smoothies w/ kefir or yoghurt

As I have a leaky gut and IBS, candida problem and gluten allergy I think my choices will apply to many people with or without these problems. Deadline Dec 31st, 2015. (First posted on Jan 3rd, 2015) Updated on Jan 4th, 2015: Deadline changed to June 30th, 2015. No need to wait the end of the year, right?

 11. ART EXHIBITION PROJECT: Create 20 items of art (painting & sculpture) for an art exhibition. For the last decade every year I made a resolution about creating more art. I am done with that. I want them to be exhibited! I have no training in any kind of art. I learned it by doing. I will do this in 2015. Even though I cannot make the exhibition this year, I will make them ready. Who knows, someone may see them here and my dreams on an official exhibition come true 🙂 My deadline is Dec 31st, 2015. (First posted on Jan 3rd, 2015) 

 12. FILMMAKING PROJECT: Make an appx 15 minutes long short film with zero budget (because I am broke) with a 3 step plan:

1. Learn how to do it: I will learn how to write a movie script, how to make a movie, how to produce it and how to act by reading existing books from my library & online material, free courses, watching the best movies ever)

2. Write it: I will write an original script from my original idea.

3. Produce it: This will include production design, storyboard, art direction, casting, filming, editing, distribution etc. with zero budget so it will be a one-woman show 🙂

Deadline is at the end of February 2015. (First posted on Jan 15th, 2015)



New projects will be added as I get more and more motivated!


52 thoughts on “MY 35 PROJECTS”

  1. 9. Take a dog from local rescue center.

    It will be great decision. Especially for your #1 and #2 projects. Trust me. : )


    1. It would be so good but I live in a small apartment in the city center and no pets are allowed. Also, it is not fair to keep a dog in a small place either. No garden no nothing 🙂

      So maybe one day if i have a place with garden but not this year…

      I will put it in my 10 year plan later 🙂
      thank you 🙂


      1. I see your point and I understand your concerns, but… dogs in rescue center have only a few square meters for them, right? I’m absolutely sure, that you have a bigger apartment than their pens. Small flat, small dog. This is only one rule.
        And belive me, I have a dog and he doesn’t love spend time outside. He loves spend time with me. Especially outside. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Kindred Spirit,
    I have had a similar list! I achieved them, had to re-achieve some and more more were added every year. We are on the same treadmill. If you stop, you will crash. Worry, fear, and anxiety motivate us to run faster, faster, and faster to keep up. Today, I step off, look in the mirror and know – We are worthy, enough, precious, gifted, acceptable and loved for who we are, not what we achieve. The right people and opportunities will come into our lives because of the healthy energy emanating from us and attracting goodness to us. Breath and be encouraged.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi, Alex, thanks for reading my post today. You’ve got quite a list of goals here. I was just listening to John Assaraf last night – and he believes we need to focus on one goal at a time. Then the others will fall into place.
    Which one is the most important to you? Maybe preparing for your defense? Stay focused and good luck.


    1. You are right,
      Of course we need to focus in an ideal world 🙂

      But think about your roles/responsibilities in life, there are many.

      So as we learn to be like operations managers 🙂

      However, I am not doing them 35 at one time
      When I accomplish in some I start a new one. So I am using that motivation to keep going.

      I’ve lost one 35 focusing only on my career & schools.
      I am quite regretful of putting all the eggs in the same basket 🙂

      Thank you for supporting me, please keep on


  4. Awww, Alex. First of all, thanks for the Follow! Nice list. Awesome that you’re dropping off all the dead weight around you and focusing on the necessary things. Wish you strength as you go. By the way I’ve got a book sale site you could also use to sell your books.


  5. Very cool list, and VERY ambitious! So wishing you success on many levels.
    FYI – Check out the relationship between hypermobility and fibromyalgia. If you happen to have both, the hypermobility sites at least have some ideas of things you can do to reduce the damage & perhaps it will help overall. Keep pushing!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for following me! I am a list obssessive so your blog is right up my street! The biggest thing I am learning is that when you tick it off the list, you MUST celebrate your success. I complete things and still feel unsatisfied or that it wasn’t really an achievement, just something that had to be done. Do you think you could make up some kind of reward system for when you complete things?
    Good luck! We all have the midlife crisis/what the fuck am I doing times in our lives but you are getting up and rectifying it, not just settling for second best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 🙂
      You are so right. I should celebrate more 🙂

      The problem is, I have neither been a list person nor a conscientious one. The goals that I used to commit were only about career/work/academic achievement, but not about personal well-being, happiness, private life, health etc.

      That was the problem about me, I’ve put me in a second place, including celebrating success. I worked more, when I had a successful day in the office. Now, when I see myself without a job, it is normal to see myself as a “nothing” 🙂

      I will be changing the idea of myself mostly 🙂 For the first time in my life 🙂

      Thank you so much 🙂 Please keep following me redefining myself 🙂



  7. Great goals you’ve set for yourself there. I wrote an article for the Dream Reader challenge that might inspire you: For The Unmotivated, And Everyone Else Too. I’d love to hear your opinion.
    Your will to live, in spite of all the challenges you’re facing, has inspired me to do more with my life. I’m considering starting my own project, but before I do I need to be sure I’m ready to commit to it. I’d love for you to be my accountability partner.
    I wish you success in your pursuit of happyness.


  8. Alex – great goals you have set for yourself, as they have great metrics and due dates. My suggestion is to take baby steps initially, as knocking off a few goals on schedule or early is infectious and will quickly drive confidence and additional motivation.

    Good luck.


  9. That’s quite a list and I really hope you stay motivated enough to deal with as many as you can. That you’re at PhD level is quite an achievement in itself and somethong to be proud of. And starting your own business would be quite something. Very best of luck with all of this.

    Liked by 1 person

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