Changes in looks…

I recently shaved my head, so that is the first change in my looks 🙂

Today I will be working on looks. I will be trying some beauty recipes for me 🙂

Also I am thinking of changing my blog theme to a more aesthetic one.

Tomorrow, after 10 very sick days at home, I will go out for some fresh air. Oh, I need this so much…

I am about to forget how it feels to be outdoors 🙂

walk - Copy

My toothinfection is healed so time to visit the dentist for a cure.

My gut is not that bad too, no gas no diarrhea, just normal feeling. I used so many probiotics including Solgar’s Advanced Multi-Billion Dophilus and I think they worked well. I also did my daily rub with tea tree oil to prevent candida on my tongue during antibiotics treatment. I ate probiotic yoghurt 5-6 times a day with my super-healthy easy cabbage meal.

So I think I am doing good.