Why do we blog anyway?

Most of the bloggers this year made #1 resolution as “BLOG MORE!” even more than reading, diet, weightloss, sports, drinking water, healthy living, healthy food etc.

Would you please take the poll? You can see the results too 🙂

My observations on Happy-New-Year Resolvers and Anti-Resolutionists :)

Today, I’ve read approximately 200 posts about New Year Resolutions.

  • About 40% of them were about how useless that is. They say, resolutions never work! This is the voice of learned helplessness.
  • Another 30% made huge decisions on changing habits or moods, like quitting smoking or smiling more, or even “be happy every day”. How can being happy a goal? Though it can be a consequence of achieving one’s goals.
  • About 20% made jokes about how they will break these resolutions in 2 weeks.
  • and the 10% of them have set clearly defined, time-bound goals with more or less planning.

I’ve been all these people in the past. I joked with myself, act as an anti-resolver or walked around like a shiny happy butterfly of hopes and wishes.

Until this blog, I’ve never been so dedicated to my goals. That’s why, making a project of your life far from just wishes, promises to quit bad habits or mood controlled (happy all the time) expectations is quite important.


Some say that the goals should be small and achievable. But where is the challenge in that?

Some set goals of habitual transformations including addictions like smoking, or changing their personality characteristicsWhere is the fun in that?


According to psychological studies about video games and teenagers, it’s been proven that most addictive games are the ones that are both challenging and funny just above the average. Not higher, not lower.

Noone wants boring goals,

noone wants to start a journey if they think that the journey will suck

regardless of how big the goal is.

I wanted to be happier with myself 15 days ago.

I started a journey of 35 goals to reach.

I was not even sure then, what would make me happy.

I decided to find out what will make me happy on the road.

Please do not set easy or boring goals.

They should make you happy and excited during the journey towards them.



First post of 2015! Not wish but Want a HAPPY new year 4 everyone…

First post of 2015!

I want this year to be the year that I achieve all my goals.

For you, I want the same.

So, do not wish any more.

Want them to be.

Set your goals.

Make a list.

Start today.

Do not over-plan, just start 🙂

Plans will make themselves in time…


Love, Alex

2 days 2 New Year – updates

Although I am getting better, I am in no condition to travel or spend time in crowded places so I will spend the last day of 2014 and the first day of 2015 alone in my home.

I am not sad for being alone as I am getting my health back.

I’ve lost another pound and got a bit closer to my 100lbs (size 4) goal. I am now 122lbs. So, in a week, 8lbs is a good progress with my high aminoacids and high fat (good fat) but low carb leaky gut diet. I cannot believe that I am eating so much and losing weight.

As I cannot go out, because it is too damn cold and rainy/stormy outside and I am sick, I took my treadmill out from the closet and will start walking 10miles a day like I used to do by the seaside in spring, summer and autumn 🙂 No winter can stop me from my only favorite exercise.

I will start today, man I love walking outside but this is the lemonade I can get now 🙂

Today, I will write about my super healthy Alex diet against leaky gut and fibromyalgia.

The movie project is going beyond good, it is going super because I had lots of time at home as I am sick. I watch 4-5 movies a day from the list and I suppose I will finish this in a month, not in a year 🙂

I will be adding new projects on December 31st, but my new year has already started with this blog I can admit.

So, thanks for following and supporting, you don’t know how much it means to me 🙂