Sorry that I do not feel anything toward neither the regretful ones nor beautiful flowers…

Two of my ex-boyfriends tried to call me today. I don not know why all of a sudden they wanted to make amends.

As I did not answer their calls, they wrote about 100 messages saying quite the same things:

  • I am very sorry
  • I am terribly regretful (mostly for lying and cheating on me)
  • I want you back (yeah right :/)
  • I can do anything for you (like Bryan Adams)
  • Please take me back
  • I want to marry you
  • I am the man that you want
  • I will not give up on you etc etc.

As their messages grew like a mountain, I got more detested and sent the same answer

– Too late, maybe in another life.

I should have felt good but I did not. I should have felt that I am still desirable and they were crying and begging on my feet. I should have felt something, anything. But, I didn’t. I just want them out forever.

The interesting thing is, there is no relation whatsoever between them and they chose the same day and the same words. Interesting, but not tempting enough for me to look deeper or investigate. Whatever the reason. It is over.

One of them sent me flowers with a note: I love you. They came to my house. They are very beautiful but I cannot love them. What is their guilt? I could not toss them away, but cannot look at them either. So I put them in the kitchen out of my sight and will wait until they die I guess.

Here they are:

The flowers of regret...
The flowers of regret…

I think flowers are paying the price although they did not deserve any of this.

Sorry but I do not feel anything.