What has changed in a month? A lot!

A month ago, I started this blog. I wrote 10 things about me and it was very depressing to honestly admit that I have many problems. Now, I will make the first monthly evaluation. My comments of today are marked with red. Updated on Jan 23, 2015.

1. Single, white, female like the fucking movie. I am single, never been married, I live alone. I am fucking alone. Therefore, I have no personal life or career. What do I have?

I am still single 🙂 However, I do not feel alone. I have you dear reader! Actually, I enjoy my alone time a lot. I have many projects so I do not think about my single status that much. 

I have severe fibromyalgia, mitral valve pulmonerasis (heart disease), major depression, leaky gut syndrome, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and the worst of it “candida albicans” throughout my digestive system. It is suprising that I haven’t died yet!

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HIT 1000 CHALLENGE COMPLETED! And still increasing 🙂


stats - Copy

A screenshot of my stats (total views 1107)

My blog has reached an exponential growth of hits in the last 3 days.


I DID NOT use any other parties/websites/ads etc. to advertise for me or something like that.

I just send my content briefly to bloggers who share similar interests with me.

I haven’t read this tip from anywhere. I found it myself. You can use freely.

Of course to do that, I read more than 1000 blog posts and learned lots of things and get to know other bloggers.

I dedicated last 3 days to only my blog, my recipes and movies. Made lots of posts full of original content.

So, that’s the secret.

In fact, you know all these already.

Challenge yourself, commit your time/effort and it happens!