Today I will be wishing more…

I am forcing myself to wish for more and more positive things. I now believe that I get what I wish for. All this time, I thought my realistic side made me strong but it was making me miserable.

When I find myself pitying for me again, I distract my mind for the better things to expect.

So I wish myself a great Sunday with full of sun. It is sunny outside and I am going to the beach today. I will walk for 5-6 hours, read my book and have myself a nice day.

Please do yourself a favor today and postpone your worries to Monday 🙂 Get depressed tomorrow, not today. Have fun & peace like it is your last day.

I love you all,


New goal along with getting my health back! Be size 4 again until Jan 31st 2015

In 10 things about me section I mentioned that I was size 4 (Europe:34) about a month ago and now I am size 10 (Europe:40)

So this is not a good thing cause I am only 5’3” (160cm) and size 10 is too much for my little bones to handle.

Size 4 is my ideal size cuz I am tiny 🙂

And, of course losing my smoking hot appearance is not so sweet either.

Therefore, I give a new deadline to myself to be size 4 again until the end of January and keep it that way all year.

I guess I can do that as my diet strictly forbids any carbs. I cannot do any hard sports because of my health issues but my doctor says walking is good for me. So I will walk 🙂

Uh, oh, I am getting excited already 🙂

I will post my weight and step count everyday till I reach my goal.

Deadline Jan 31st 2015.

Keep on following and supporting please 🙂