I am getting happier and healthier for no particular reason :)

My misearable life is changing since that seagull under the plane. It was the first time in years I felt myself really lucky and blessed to catch that frame.

Now, although I still have health problems I try to live healthy and believe that I will get better every day.

Yesterday I was out, walking and meeting some friends. While on my way I saw my favorite swing in the park and I could not resist 🙂 I swinged like a happy child with laughter, dreamed of and prayed for the better days to come for me, family and friends.

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Why New Year’s resolutions do not work but goals do?

Hey all,

As a psychologist and a former 10+ yrs experienced Project Manager in Consulting and a woman who really sucks at resolutions 😛 I want to address the ultimate 01.01.2015 problem:

Why New Year’s resolutions do not work but goals do?

1. New year resolutions do not have deadlines or project plans.

If you do not have a plan or deadline, you will always have tomorrow, next week or month to do it.

Regardless of when you start, you should know when to finish. Also, you should have a roadmap to follow. Roadmaps and deadlines can be modified. There are no rules. But, they should be set.

2. New year resolutions are not clear. 

Do more of this, do less of this are not clear. Define more and less. Use percentages, numbers, counts.

Spend more time with family is not a clear goal. It is a wish. Set the goal with clarity. Spend 2 hours of quality time with family? Not there yet. Define quality time. What do you consider as high or low quality? Maybe you should ask your family and gather more data on clarifying what to do in that 2 precious hours.

3. New year resolutions are too hard to reach because they include changing habits or personality.

Becoming more patient organized cannot be a goal as it is strongly linked to your personality. Do not waste time changing it. It never works.

In order to set a clear goal, discover why you want to be more patient or organized. Where will you use it? Will it contribute your success in your business, your relationships? Then, why don’t you set success in your business or relationships as a goal rather than changing yourself, change your relation quality.





Exacly two weeks ago, on 12.19.2014,

I made my first post: First day is the worst day

It was one of the WORST days of my life. I described it on 10 things about me

I also made my self-illustration that day…

Self illustration by me... No I am not crying, I just sit by the wall, take my head in my hands and stay like that for hours... Thinking, if you wanna be optimistic, but this, is "not" thinking at all...
Self illustration by me…
No I am not crying, I just sit by the wall, take my head in my hands and stay like that for hours… Thinking, if you wanna be optimistic, but this, is “not” thinking at all…

That day, my blog had 1 page view by 1 blogger: Moongazer

She was the first one who followed me, commented on my posts and show her kind support.

So thank you MOONGAZER for believing in me !

Today my stats show that my page views for 01.01.2015 are 107 for 1 day. 

within a total of 579 views and 104 comments in two weeks and increasing!

I am sharing my idea! For free.

Please take my idea and start your own project!

It will be very much appreciated if you give my35project.com as a reference point for inspiration.

I hope, this year, I can inspire as many I can!

You can share this link: http://my35project.com/start-yours-now/

Thank you all for following and supporting me,

reading and liking my posts,

sharing ideas and commenting,

most importantly being inspired by my progress.

I’ve set 7 big goals and the rest is on the way. I’ve started healing and learned coping with my endless list of auto-immune diseases (lichen planus), syndromes (GAPS, IBS), systemic disorders (Candida, food allergies), mental disorders (depression, anxiety, imsomnia etc) and aches (migraines, fibromyalgia).

It’s been only 14 days and I feel so much better. I am hopeful and peaceful.


So thank you everyone 🙂

I hope I can inspire people like me to achieve their goals.