Wow, I’ve reached 100 posts already in the first 3 weeks since I’ve started blogging :)

WP just said that I’ve reached 100 posts on my blog 🙂

So this is the 101st one 🙂

kefir - Copy - Copy

Silly but I liked it! I will celebrate it with some kefir as I cannot drink alcohol as I have a leaky gut 🙂

This is my home-made smoothie style kefir. Pinky as it has 1 teaspoon of fresh cherry juice left from the frozen sour cherries that I eat a small bit every day. So cheers!


What’s my problem? I’ve just put in words what I’ve known for the past 35 years.

I realized something very problematic about myself, which I knew all along but could not speak out.

The problem is, I have neither been a list person nor a conscientious one towards myself. The goals that I used to commit were only about career/work/academic achievement, but not about personal well-being, happiness, private life, health etc.

That was the problem about me, I’ve put me in a second or a lower 🙂 place, including celebrating success. I worked more, when I had a successful day in the office. Now, when I see myself without a job, it is normal to see myself as a big “nothing” 🙂

I will be changing the idea of “myself” mostly 🙂 For the first time in my life 🙂

Thank you so much 🙂 Please keep following my blog/me redefining myself and gaining back my self-respect 🙂

Thank you Evadeville for reminding me the importance of celebrating myself 🙂