UPDATES on two projects: lowering my expectations to a no-panic level :)

 3. GRADUATE PHD THESIS PROJECT. Finish PhD thesis and graduate in June 2015. This is the big goal. First I have to pass my 3rd defence on 5th Jan 2015. I am absolutely not prepared. So I have to work a loooooot this week. I have to do so many things. Panic panic panic !!! (first posted on December 23rd, 2014) Updated on Jan 3rd, 2015, as I learned I have more time 3 more semesters to graduate, so I decided not to panic myself, I changed it to PhD thesis project as I want to finish the data collection & analysis & writing the first draft by the end of the year. Deadline Dec 31st, 2015.

5. BOOK JOURNAL PROJECT: Read 200 books in a year. I really am a fast reader and I will keep a journal too. (first posted on December 24th, 2014) Updated on Jan 3rd, 2015, 200 is too many 🙂 let’s make it 100 🙂 

NEW PROJECT ADDED! Write a book and donate the profit!

 7. BOOK PROJECT: Write a book, publish and donate ALL the profit 4 a good cause: I will write a book and try to publish it online, donate all the profit for an independent project related with the issues in the book. I give myself 3 months for this. So at the end of March, I would make the first profit donation. (first posted on 01.01.2015)

I’ve made up my mind in 30 seconds for this.

It will be based on a life-changing experience of me about 15 yrs ago.

So, true story. A sad one. A hopeful one. 

I’ve already started writing the plot 🙂