Finished writing the screenplay of the pilot episode :)

Today, I will have a meeting with the director 🙂 I am so so so excited 🙂

As I try to write the screenplay down, which took 17 pages for the first episode, I had to learn about writing for screen. It was harder than I thought. However, this made me learn how to do it for my filmmaking project. So, if this documentary do not pass the producers, it will be ok for me as the time I’ve spent is worth it on the learning basis!



Movies To Watch List

Here is another inspired soul by my35project!
Good luck Camila 🙂

Illustrating Happiness

Hi guys,

Today I’m starting my “Movies To watch” List. I still Haven’t watched the “Schindler’s List” so I decided to create a list with the movies I really Want to see. I was also Inspired by My 35 Project that just finished her IMDB 250 list. I don’t go to the cinema that much so I usually watch them online. If you see some old movies don’t worry I’m just a bit late but that’s OK. I’m still updating this list so probably next Week I’ll have more movies to watch.

Movies to Watch:


  1. “The Imitation Game”
  2. “American Sniper”
  3. “The Theory of Everything”
  4. “Unbroken”
  5. “Foxcatcher”
  6. “The Maze Runner”
  7. “The Best of Me”
  8. “Selma”
  9. “Silver Linings Playbook”
  10. “Schindler’s List”

To be Continued…

Probably I may not see any of these movies, But I really like the Idea of having a list of movies to see…

See you…

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I am a case study even worse than Cotillard…

I’ve just watched 2 Days, 1 Night movie starring Marion Cotillard, who was laid off during her sick leave as she was suffering from depression. She was informed informally by her coworker about this. Very similar to my case. But…

As I look back now, my case was far worse than her:

1. Economically, she was married and her husband also works, they own their own place and car, so no rent but a mortgage, which they can make a second mortgage or sell it as they own it.

I did not have anything, no car, no house and a high rent, not because my 50m2 flat is good but I live in a cosmopolitan city.

I did not have mortgage but had rent and payments of my PhD. I did not own anything worthy to sell.

So, economically I was worse off 🙂

2. Socially, she has people around her, a supporting positive-thinking husband who encourages her to fight for her job. I did not even have a boyfriend 🙂 She has two kids who are lovely. I do not even own a cat or a flower 🙂

3. Psychologically, my whole life was my career. For her, it was no more than a money-making job. I had major depression, was on sick leave for 3 days although she was for months. On the third day, I received an informal call like hers and they said “You are kicked out”. No voting, no chance to fight for it. It just happened. The worst thing was that, my so-called colleagues did not even say something against it. I was the one who had hired some of them. Can you believe that ?

It is like being stabbed from everywhere…

All the depression plus my auto-immune diseases including fibromyalgia, leaky gut, IBS, alopecia areata, urticaria, lichen planus plus candida, migraines, food allergies, fatigue etc. it is a miracle that I am still alive 🙂

Look where I am now. Quite a breakthrough? No, but maybe some breakthrough. At least, I am trying. Thanks to you, I have a reason to write. Some days were harder than the others for the past month, and those days, the only reason that I woke up was to write my blog and “try to try”. 

Thank you for making me wanting to try everyday…