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February 7, 2015


It “kinda” follows like the movie…

by Alex - Project Lady

I have good luck and bad luck at the same time.

One after another. Last week my dream job offer came, then happened the urticaria. It was itching & burning like hell! I had a dentist appointment that I missed as of the severe and constant itching all over. Went to a doctor about it and he said: “We don’t know why urticaria happens. (Doctors, eh?) Just take these antihistamines. There is no cure (I know hun) but you can manage the symptoms.” Another auto-immune! Well, I took those antihistamines and they made me sleep all day and forgot about the dental problem.

Yesterday the meeting was great, then at night my tooth started aching like hell. It is fucking Saturday now! My dentist said he is not working, so I have to find somewhere else. All dental hospitals are so far, I have to pay for a cab. I called them and they can only prescribe antibiotics now and when the ache is gone they will operate. So, I have to use another antibiotic. And it will make my leaky gut and yeast infection worse. I will have to start all over again.

God, will there be just one day with only the good news? I guess not…

One of my friends is now trying to find an open pharmacy store to get me some painkillers. At least, I have him.

Hope, tomorrow will be better than today…

Love you all


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  1. Feb 8 2015

    Feel better Alex. Hopefully, you’ll remember the job offer and not the tooth.

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    • Feb 19 2015

      I hope so 🙂 Tooth is gone…
      I am waiting for an answer from producers 🙂


  2. Feb 12 2015

    This may sound funny but I used to get small patches of hives on my neck and face from stress. It was only noticed when I was upset or stressed. I still get them sometimes but not as much since I retired from work.

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    • Feb 19 2015

      :))) work is not a good thing
      I want to retire too :)))



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