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February 2, 2015


The ultimate lazy recipe added: “Altogether in”

by Alex - Project Lady

Hello all,

As you know, I try everything. I have redefined lazy cooking with my last recipe.

This recipe is originally my father’s idea who happens to be a machine engineer 🙂

“Altogether in” recipe:

You add all the ingredients at once, no mixing before, no cooking before, no order of cooking.

The tip is very low heat.

Put fresh or frozen meat, onions, tomatoes, veggies, potatoes etc of your choice in some water 1-2 glasses (it does not even have to be boiled!)

Cook it at very low heat for 1-2 hours. That is the only rule…

If necessary, you can add boiled water while cooking, but if you use low heat it won’t be necessary at all.

That is it. Now you can burn your cookbooks 🙂

This is my first altogether in idea:


– Frozen mashed beef (medium fatty) (2 glasses)

– Chopped cauliflower (2 glasses)

– Peas, chopped carrots & potatoes (1 glass each)

– Tiny chopped onions (1 glass)

– Tomato paste or chopped tomatoes (1 glass)


– Thyme, turmeric, mint, soy sauce, basil vinegar (2 tablespoons each)

Note: No additional salt or oil

Put them into a pot with 2 glasses of water

Cook them 1-2 hrs in minimum heat

That’s it 🙂



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