Ok, ok I admit that I’ve become lazy :)

I was quite lazy about my projects this last week but I have some excuses. I was sick for 3 days, I wasted my time on a date for 2 days, and I was a lazy bitch for 2 days. My excuses are not very good 🙂

So I should be getting my butt up and get to work.

This week, I will make some more decisions and action plans about:

My business

My projects

My health

I am still 123lbs so did not lose or gain more for a week. That is not that bad with all the laziness 🙂

I will be walking for 2-3 hours a day as the weather is becoming warmer for the next week. I will be cooking my lazy yet healthy recipes too 🙂

I will be organizing my writings scattered around the house here and there and write down them into my computer.

I will clean the house. It is a mess again 🙂

This weekend I will make a business plan for my company and next week I will be launching it. 

Next week on Friday I have a thesis meeting so I have to work on that too.

Also, I will be deciding on the pieces for my online art exhibit vol 1 🙂 That is the most exciting one 🙂

I am also learning about building websites with HTML (wordpress.org) and designing themes. Just for fun 🙂

Lots to do 🙂 Love you all,


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Alex - Project Lady

35 year old woman who has hit the rock bottom tryin to get up again and reach her 35 dreams I am a psychologist who suffers from major depression and severe fibromyalgia. It was all about career to me. But today, I have no job, no husband, no kids. Alone. And, I want to change my fucking life.

5 thoughts on “Ok, ok I admit that I’ve become lazy :)”

  1. Any time spent thinking or brainstorming is not wasted time. I saw some of that this past week! Otherwise you would not be ready to move forward like you are. So what if there was some lazy moments aren’t we all entitled to some down time? Lord knows I use some excuses sometimes… err ok all the time! 🙂 You go girl!!!

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