Watch IMDb 250 project update: 10 left :)

This one is too close to an achievement if you call watching movies an achievement 🙂 *

Here is what I’ve been so far: Alex’s scores on IMDB 250

I do as I am sick at home, it is much better than pitying myself and doing nothing 🙂 Here are what I learned through this journey:

movie_night - Copy

  • I’ve learned so much about what makes a movie beautiful, from the screenplay to angles.
  • I discovered the unique styles of directors.
  • When I got more interested I read the stories behind the scripts and try to understand why the director chose that script.
  • As I score the movies, I rediscovered myself too as what I care the most in a movie as an audience. What is boring, what is artful, what is too long, I redefined them.
  • I found some of them quite overrated like Godfather by Coppola, and some underrated like Yojimbo by Kurosawa.
  • INterestingly they all start with IN, I loved Incendies and Intouchables more than Interstellar and Inception when it comes to family/friend relations.
  • I loved Django Unchained more than 12 Years a Slave on direction, script and acting. So Academy Awards sometimes are not that meaningful.

Through all this, I realized that I like realistic fairytales, in other words real stories which are told in a magical way.

Therefore, my voice is beginning to emerge and create itself…

*So, this is quite an accomplishment through my sick days at home 🙂



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Alex - Project Lady

35 year old woman who has hit the rock bottom tryin to get up again and reach her 35 dreams I am a psychologist who suffers from major depression and severe fibromyalgia. It was all about career to me. But today, I have no job, no husband, no kids. Alone. And, I want to change my fucking life.

10 thoughts on “Watch IMDb 250 project update: 10 left :)”

  1. This is awesome! I’m a big movie person so I wouldn’t mind doing this sometime :). I need to widen my variety in movies I watch instead of just watching one’s I’ve already seen. It’s just harder to do when I have two kids that want to watch their cartoons over and over and over again haha.


      1. I recommend my neighbor totoro and kiki’s delivery service if she is younger. How old is she?

        btw children love watching the same thing as they need structure more than adults. That gives them a sense of security. Although they know the ending, they can listen/watch the same thing over and over again without getting bored if they initially liked the story.


  2. If watching movies makes you happy and you’re ticking them off on your list, then yes, it is an achievement. You’re obviously becoming a skilled movie critic, too. All good stuff.


  3. Great stuff!!!

    I would have to differ on a few of the scores. I loved inception, mostly because I am a DiCaprio fan. He plays such interesting characters.

    You should to the ALEX AWARDS – best film, performance, etc. That would be awesome!! 🙂

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  4. Hi!
    It’s great to reach your goals, even if it’s just watching movies as you said. I also like that you didn’t just watch them, you researched and learned many interesting things!
    I wish I could do this too, it’s been a long time since I wanted to watch the 250 best of Imdb, maybe this year I’ll try it again since you have inspired me!
    Keep it up! 😉

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