New recipe added: Bone broth chicken soup

Here is the bone broth with poultry. This was my first trial of making bone broth from chicken.

Since chicken is not very easy to cut, I put the whole organic and free-range chicken into a big pot and cook a little. Then I cut the chicken and take out the bones and skin, added 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and cooked them for 5 hours in very low heat in a pot full of water.

Quick notes here:

After cooking, I took out the bones by simply filtering them from strainer to another pot. I added the chicken meat in it and cooked for half an hour with some garlic, turmeric, thyme, and most importantly mint. Mint goes really well with poultry. I also added soy sauce (3 tablespoons) instead of salt. If you don’t want that, add some salt, not more than 2 teaspoons)

However, I do not recommend using veggies in poultry soups. They just do not match. If you like you can add some barley (gluten free if you have leaky gut) when cooking the soup with chicken meat. Rice would not fit.

When eating, you can add some fresh lemon juice too.

Bon Appétit 🙂


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35 year old woman who has hit the rock bottom tryin to get up again and reach her 35 dreams I am a psychologist who suffers from major depression and severe fibromyalgia. It was all about career to me. But today, I have no job, no husband, no kids. Alone. And, I want to change my fucking life.

2 thoughts on “New recipe added: Bone broth chicken soup”

  1. Alex, at my house you can always count on my cheap self using leftover bones for the next days soup! I freeze and keep some in gallon bags just in case. I am really excited to try and add mint! Thanks for the tip.


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