IMDb top 250 updates, project evaluation…

It’s coming to an end soon 🙂

The initial list on Dec 24th 2014 (139 movies left) as I have watched the rest earlier than the project.

Updated on Dec, 30th 2014 (119 movies left)

Updated on Jan, 3rd 2015 (99 movies left)

Updated on Jan 10th 2015 (64 movies left)

Updated today Jan 15th 2015: I have 30 movies left form my watchlist of IMDB top 250 🙂

I first set my goal as “throughout the year” but I changed it until the end of January 2015 as I happened to be super motivated and fast about it. Here is the updated project summary on Jan 4th, 2015:

movie_night - Copy

4. WATCH IMDB 250 MOVIES PROJECT: Watch at least 100 “must watch” movies. When I looked at IMDB top 250 I realized I haven’t seen half of the list. What a shame! I do not watch TV so I have time for movies. While I am watching from the list, I will add my own little critiques about them and the rest I had watched earlier. (first posted on December 24th, 2014) Updated on Jan 4th, 2015: Deadline added Jan 31st, 2015)


Here are the movies to be watched in January:

1. Prisoners (2013)
2. The Hustler (1961)
3. Barry Lyndon (1975)
8. Stalker (1979)
9. (1963)
10. Network (1976)
11. Incendies (2010)
12. Platoon (1986)
13. Into the Wild (2007)
14. Cool Hand Luke (1967)
16. Ran (1985)
17. The Elephant Man (1980)
18. Ikiru (1952)
19. Heat (1995)
20. The Great Escape (1963)
21. Downfall (2004)
22. Raging Bull (1980)
23. All About Eve (1950)
24. Das Boot (1981)
25. Cinema Paradiso (1988)
27. Seven Samurai (1954)
29. The Deer Hunter (1978)
30. Warrior (2011)

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