Movie project may lead to something bigger: New goals on the way…

The movie project is going so good that not only I watch them, I read other’s critics, I write down my notes etc. It is not only watching the movies, it is, for me, a learning platform by discovering and understanding the best examples. In short, learning by examples.

I have always been a theoretical learner, all these graduations in different areas of study, researching and attending classes, participating in discussions, non-conforming the lecturers included.

When I consume everything theoretical, I try to generate my own theories by controlled experimenting, observation, data collection etc. not only in my academic life but also in my private life when trying new recipes, developing self-healing techniques, communicating with people with different backgrounds. I found my own ways to survive and develop including my own ethical rules for life or an 35 project which will last for a year.

The only thing I did not do was to watch others and learn from them as Tarantino had done before he became a director. I don’t know if I am talented or not in this. I am not very sure of myself like I am sure of my sketches. I haven’t had any training on art but it just comes to me naturally. I skecth since I could hold a crayon. I did not even got very deep in theory in art. I took it as a gift and try not to fog it by too many theories. I just want it to be raw.

But, in terms of movies, directing and scriptwriting, I need some theory. I want to learn from the bests. Do I have to go to a film school? Well, maybe I will do that too, but do I have to? Certainly not. So, I will be announcing now a new project with 3 steps.

1. Learn how to wrtie a movie script, how to make a movie, how to produce it and how to act by reading books & online material, watching the best movies and the best actors/actresses.

2. Write an original script.

3. Produce it including developing the team, production design, storyboard, art direction, casting, filming, editing, distribution etc.

It does not have to be perfect, it just has to be my own.

As I watch, I become more and more keen to write and create a visionary voice. Not only the words of my mind but also the voice of my eyes want to talk and contribute my missions.

The third goal may not be finished within this year, but I will definitely start doing it.

Oh, by the way, there are only 35 movies left from the IMDb top 250 watchlist 🙂

I am going real good 🙂



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Alex - Project Lady

35 year old woman who has hit the rock bottom tryin to get up again and reach her 35 dreams I am a psychologist who suffers from major depression and severe fibromyalgia. It was all about career to me. But today, I have no job, no husband, no kids. Alone. And, I want to change my fucking life.

5 thoughts on “Movie project may lead to something bigger: New goals on the way…”

  1. Hi Alex,
    Been there , done that, sort of…
    After years in the military working with the 18-30 age group I wanted to learn about old people … Volunteered on a live seniors show on cable television. Tried everything from operating camera to lighting and backroom controls. When summer break came the volunteers still wanted to work and they knew actors who wanted to act. I knew an archeologist who was doing a dig in town and let be use her research. I worked for 24 hours straight with tounge in cheek and produced a script, of sorts, .. a play that told the story of why that dig was taking place. Gosh darn if they didn’t produce it and there it was on television: a ten minute historical moment! Done more since, even one 30 minute documentary. (more storyboard less script.)
    You have a great project. lots of great books tell you how to format a script, but I found that it was more important just to get the ideas on paper…and then not to be too upset when the actors or the production team change things a bit.
    Happy writing..

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    1. wow! That’s quite a story!

      Ideas… there are lots of them. I guess writing will go fast too. However I will have some problems with production since I have no extra money for that. Therefore, I should be focusing on indoor, 1 person cast, with 1 camera and maybe no crew except myself as a start. That’s cheap I know. But that’s what I can right now. Actually I cannot wait much and try to make 5 short films this year. So that I can learn by doing too and create my own voice. Just watched Rashomon by Kurosawa. It was so good. So many things to learn from such a master.

      Let’s keep in touch. I really appreciate your advice.
      I may bother you with some questions too :)))

      Thank you so much 🙂


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