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January 13, 2015


Weightloss project updates

by Alex - Project Lady

As you remember, I recently regained my successfully lost pounds back in the past week.

5 - Copy

I started with 130lbs on 23rd Dec 2015.

Lost 10lbs and I was 120lbs on 2nd Jan 2015.

Gained them back on and reached 128lbs on 10th Jan 2015.

Lost some of that gained and today I am 123lbs on 13rd Jan 2015.

Yes with some setbacks due to toothache + antibiotics + painkillers + oversleeping + less movement + depressed eating I was a little bit out of route. Now, I am getting back to my project.

A few people said that my happiness should not be measured by lbs or kgs, I should be happy with what I am…

Why the hell I am doing this life changing project then? Of course I am not happy with what I am 🙂 That is why I have 35 projects to go… I just cannot understand people sometimes 🙂

Thank God, there are many people here supporting me. Thank you so much for your support. I did not give up! I may change my deadline for weightloss as I don’t want to rush myself that much and lose my health again. Maybe 15th of February will replace my ex-deadline 31st Jan 2015 for ideal weight project.



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  1. Jan 13 2015

    Just remember that this means too much to you to give up. I believe you can do it. Focus on the end product and how pleased you’ll be with yourself.

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    • Jan 13 2015

      I could not agree more…
      Means to much to me to give up
      Loved it…
      Thank you…
      hugs hugs


      • Jan 13 2015

        Hugs to you, too. Take care.

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  2. Jan 14 2015

    Don’t give up and don’t be discouraged — most times fluctuation like that is just water weight — especially if you have not been feeling well and taking medications, etc. I am cheering for ya!!

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    • Jan 14 2015

      🙂 Thank you soooo much 🙂 Hugs hugs



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