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January 12, 2015


Updates on reading 100 books project…

by Alex - Project Lady

I haven’t written much about the updates on my book project. Now, it is the time 🙂

Within the past 20 days, since I started this blog, I’ve read these books:

Short Haired Women by Patrice Leconte 

This is the first book of the author, who is more known as a film director. It is not found very easily. I came across to this underrated piece in a supermarket (!) by chance. It is not even on…

Very easy to read, diary style of a young man seeking the love of his life.

I loved the obsession of the character about short haired women and why he finds them so attractive. Since I have short hair, it was a fun to read 🙂

The Lazy Intellectual: Maximum Knowledge, Minimal Effort by Richard & James Wallace 

Helpful quick facts about topics we come across in daily conversations. Not a good tool for learning deeply about something. However, it may open new horizons to new topics to investigate more. A fun-quick read.

A Book for People Who Want to Become Stinking Rich but Aren’t Quite Sure How by Benrik Ltd.

Like the title, it was so much fun to read that one. Some ideas are quite tempting too 🙂 I strongly recommend this one for fun and creative thinking.

The Only Child: How to Survive Being One by PitkeathleyEmerson 

Just started reading today. As an only child, it is a tempting read at it is based on interviews with people grew up as an only-child.

ddd2 - Copy

I will be reading the 10 book – box set of Dear Dumb Diary by Jim Benton this month. I love children’s books but this box set is amazing. Any adult can laugh at every page. Brilliant depiction of adults from the eyes of an 11-year-old.

That is it for this month 🙂



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  1. Jan 12 2015

    Good to see I’m not the only children’s books reader. I have a dear dumb diary in my book collection at the moment, borrowed from a friend. It’s good 🙂


    • Jan 12 2015

      I could not stop laughing in some sections of the first book. When I was a child, the children’s books were not that fun. They were too serious and some were very sad stories. That is my crave now. A little childish humor for my young soul 🙂


  2. Jan 13 2015

    … and what’s the next item in My Reader? This post which I alluded to in my comment on your other post. Confusing? Yeah! It’s getting late in the day! 🙂 Well done on working through the projects. Keep it up. Regards, eLFy



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