New project added: Art exhibition!

ART EXHIBIT PROJECT: Create 20 items of art (painting & sculpture) for an art exhibition. For the last decade every year I made a resolution about creating more art, and I procrastinated etc. I am done with that. I want them to be exhibited! I have no training in any kind of art. I learned it by doing. I will do this in 2015. Even though I cannot make the exhibition this year, I will make them ready. Who knows, someone may see them here and my dreams on an official exhibition come true šŸ™‚

My deadline is Dec 31st, 2015.

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Alex - Project Lady

35 year old woman who has hit the rock bottom tryin to get up again and reach her 35 dreams I am a psychologist who suffers from major depression and severe fibromyalgia. It was all about career to me. But today, I have no job, no husband, no kids. Alone. And, I want to change my fucking life.

13 thoughts on “New project added: Art exhibition!”

  1. Its quite a bit easier than it seems šŸ™‚ I just did my second one and is was my goal last year to do one! Made a few pieces and invited friends. All you need to do is find a few people who enjoy your art and it builds from there!! Here for any questions you might have and will be paying attention to see how everything comes along! Cheers for the new year!

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      1. It was actually easier than I was making it. I was starting to get overwhelmed trying to find a place and when plans fell through to do it at a Coffeeshop (where I knew they had held shows before), I just looked for common space. There was a newly renovated library with nice meeting rooms! Best $60 I spent last year (2 shows, $30 rent each time) and once you start you fall further in love with doing it!

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  2. I would like to see more of your painting. Have you considered photographing all of your work and having an online show, with the option of purchasing a book of your work made by cafe press, vistaprint or shutterfly? Do you have a flickr account to post your photos on, then transfer the images to to make postcards to sell at a local exhibit? You can do this.

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