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January 3, 2015



by Alex - Project Lady

 9. INSPIRE PROJECT: Inspire at least 100 people to start their own projects within 2015. Help them, coach them through their journeys and follow their progress. (Deadline: Dec 31st, 2015)

I really need your help in this, as:

  • if you want to start your own, please let me know.
  • your followes may be interested, so please share the idea briefly with a reference to my35project.

I will provide free coaching through the way as an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certificated coach 🙂

Thank you all, and thank you Nicole x to be my inspiration for this goal!

Please follow Nicole’s project and support her with this link.

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  1. Jan 3 2015

    That is such an amazing and inspiring goal to have. I have a similar goal to inspire and help others with their weight loss and goals.


    • Jan 3 2015

      Thank you so much Sara! 🙂
      Can you share this project on your blog? Maybe some of your followers make their weightloss goal become a project. Who knows? We should continue to inspire 🙂


      • Jan 3 2015

        I sure will!

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  2. Jan 5 2015

    Hey 🙂 I’m already blogging, but I feel I would benefit a lot from this project 🙂 Could you help me?

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    • Jan 5 2015

      Yes yes yes 🙂
      I will be glad to help you!
      reach me from and ask me anything 🙂


      • Jan 6 2015

        I posted my 5 first projects yesterday!! 🙂

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      • Jan 6 2015

        Yay! I’ve just read it! So happy so happy!
        About being an organized student, I would love to help. For me, I was very unorganized but had a very high GPA 3.7/4.0 and graduated with double major + a minor. I made the school organize me.
        There are some tips:
        – Attend to all classes, never miss the classes. This organizes you a lot.
        – Participate in class, ask as many questions as you can. When listening, try to think like the instructor. If you were the instructor, what would you ask in the exam? And, ask that question in class 🙂 Therefore, you don’t need to study for any exam. I did not 🙂
        – Talk to your advisor at least once a week, Make him/her informed and make him/her organize you.
        – attend to office hours, learn everything that matters to the instructor.
        – If you are not good at note-taking, take them from a friend who is good at it. People help each other.
        – Always do your best in assignments. Never miss one. Ask for help from the instructor by attending office hours.

        Actually, I did all of these + worked part-time in college + won several scholarships.

        The key is,
        1. attend classes and be present
        2. be close to instructors
        3. think like the instructors.

        Those will also help in business life as
        1. Do not miss meetings, be there, participate
        2. get to know your managers
        3. think like the customer

        If you can manage this, it will give you lots of spare time that you can use for part-time jobs, hobbies or just for fun 🙂



  3. Jan 6 2015

    Thank you for this! I may need some of your help soon in regards to my projects – I have half of them down, but not sure if they’re suitable aims/targets x

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    • Jan 6 2015

      I will be waiting to hear from you 🙂
      I will do my best 🙂



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