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January 2, 2015



by Alex - Project Lady

Very simple:

If you haven’t worn those jeans in the last year, wear it today or give it away.

If you made a decision to change your life, although you failed countless of times before, if you can do something about it today, do it. If not, give it up.

Giving up or letting go is a decision too, such as letting go of people who drain your energy or giving away old clothes that you do not wear any more, or getting rid of old stuff in your house.

Giving it up is a decision and better than doing nothing about it.

So, I have a new goal!

With three dimensions:

  • Giving up on the activities I used to like but I really do not have energy/time/motivation to do anymore.
  • Giving away the clothes and stuff I haven’t worn for more than a year.
  • Letting go of the people who drain my energy.

This will be like a mental detox for me!

I give myself a month to do that 🙂 So, deadline is at the end of January 2015.



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