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December 20, 2014


May you help me choose what to do?

by Alex - Project Lady

I could not sleep yesterday and ate loads of chocolates and drank approx. a gallon of coffee and now I am a little bit over-energized.

I want to use this energy in something good since I have been feeling really bad and sick with fibromyalgia in the last week.

So what should I do today? Here are the options:

I can sleep (I think i can sleep but surely i will be seeing nightmares because of high sugar and caffeine in my veins)

I can clean the house, wash dishes, do the laundary etc. (Stupid stuff to make myself tired enough to go to sleep)

I can watch a movie or read a book but this is what I have done for the last few weeks.

I can write down my dreams and projects to achieve this year.

I can draw, sketch (but my eyes are acheing)


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  1. Dec 20 2014

    I dont think my vote worked so I say – do the house chores! Now, whilst you still can! Lol


    • Dec 20 2014

      🙂 starting with the laundy

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      • Dec 20 2014

        That’s on my to do list today as well


      • Dec 20 2014

        It is saturday and we are doing laundry 🙂

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  2. Jan 4 2015

    Clean the house!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jan 4 2015

      🙂 it was about 2 weeks ago and now house needs cleaning again :))))



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